Education Health and Care Plan

How we help young adults with an Education Health and Care Plan (EHC plan) prepare for adulthood.

Education Health and Care Plan


Preparing to adulthood means preparing for:

  • employment
  • independent living
  • community Inclusion
  • health
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This is further education, higher education, training or employment.

We can help you find:

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Independent living 

This means you have choice, control and freedom over your:

  • life and your support
  • accommodation and living arrangements, including supported living
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Community inclusion

This means participating in your community, including having friends and supportive relationships and being part of the local community.

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This means being as healthy as possible in adult life.


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Transition planning for young people in Year 9

If you have an education, health and care (EHC) plan your school and people who support you will help you prepare for adult life.

You'll get support to help plan your transition through into adulthood at your review meeting.

Every review after year 9  will help your pepare for adult life. 

Find our what happens at an education, health and care plan review.


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Transition support for young people with complex, ongoing needs

If you have more complex needs and disabilities, you may need ongoing support from adult social care.

We'll carry out an adult care transition assessment.

Transition assessments for adult care must take place at the right time for you.

When you become 18 years old, adult social care services will support you instead of children’s social care services.

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How we'll support you

We'll help you to make the change from teenager to an adult as easy as possible.

We’ll support you so that you can: