Short breaks for families

Find out about short breaks (respite care) for children with SEND.

boy in wheelchair short breakShort breaks (sometimes referred to as respite care) provide children and young people with disabilities with an opportunity to spend time away from their parents, relaxing and having fun with their friends. They provide families with a break from their caring responsibilities and give parent carers a chance to unwind, rest or spend time with other children.

Local short breaks services

We are updating our short breaks statement as a result of the city’s Special Schools and Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) reorganisation.

We will make better use of our buildings to provide activities outside the normal school day and at weekends. We will work parents and carers as well as children and young people to plan these positive changes.

Current offer

We offer a range of high quality short breaks to meet different needs in partnership with parent carers and with colleagues in the voluntary sector.

Some of these services can be accessed by any family whose child is eligible, for example play schemes. Parents may also be expected to make a contribution to these services, depending on their income. Other short break services for disabled children will require an assessment for eligibility by the social care team. These kinds of short breaks include overnight stays with link families or in one of our residential homes.