Overnight stays, home sitting and outreach services

Short breaks services for families of children with SEND that require an assessment from a social worker.

Seaside View children and adults play on the beachWhat kind of short breaks are available?

All of the short breaks services described below require an assessment from a social worker. If you would like to be assessed for these services, please contact the social work team at Seaside View Child Development Centre on 01273 265 825. If you are already involved with a health or social care professional, they can make a referral on your behalf. Read more about social workers.

There are also short break services that do not require a social care assessment. These include after school and holiday play schemes and the Compass Leisure Card.

Who can get short breaks? –  eligibility criteria

Children and young people in Brighton & Hove are eligible for short breaks if they have a severe learning and/or physical disability; or have moderate learning disabilities, where it is assessed that their needs in terms of challenging behaviour/mental health issues can be met only through the input of specialist services. A disability is defined as a mental or physical impairment which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on ability to perform normal day to day activities. Read more about getting an assessment for specialist services.

Outreach serviceSeaside View outreach boy eating banana

Experienced workers provide children with disabilities with individual support, enabling them to access social and leisure activities within the community. Read more in the Outreach Service Information Leaflet (pdf 240kb)

Barnardos Link Plus

Offers family-based short breaks with a link family, ranging from a few hours’ daycare to overnight or weekend breaks. Read more at http://www.barnardos.org.uk/brightonandhovelink

Barnardos Home Support Sitting Service

Provides care in the child’s home or in the community.

Barnardos Contract Carers

Provides overnight care to children and young people with autism and/or challenging behaviour. Read more at www.barnardos.org.uk/brightonandhovelink


Provides a home sitting service for children and young people with disabilities. Find out more at www.crossroadscare-esbh.org.uk/brighton-hove

Tudor HouseSeaside View young people baking at Tudor House

This is a residential home offering short breaks for young people who have a severe learning disability and who may also have physical disabilities. This facility is best suited to young people aged 10-18. Read more about Tudor House in the Tudor House Information Sheet (pdf 307kb).

Drove Road

This is a residential home offering short breaks for young people who have severe learning disabilities. Again, this facility is best suited to young people aged 8-18. Read more about Drove Road in the Drove Road Information Sheet (pdf 270kb).

Read about our short breaks that don't require an assessment

Direct payments

Direct Payments are an alternative means of providing families with short breaks - they provide families with money ‘in lieu’ of direct services. This means a family can buy their own short breaks, for example by employing their own home sitter. Some families may have a mixture of Direct Payments and services, whilst some will have just Direct Payments. Read the Direct Payments advice pack for children (PDF 158kb) for more detailed information.


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