How to apply for school

If your child has special educational needs or a disability and hasn’t got an education, health and care (EHC) plan you can apply for a place at any mainstream school in Brighton & Hove

The SEN team will speak to you if your child may need to go to a special school or a specialist unit at a mainstream school.

Find out how schools and colleges in Brighton & Hove support children with special educational needs and disabilities.

How to apply for a school place if your child has an EHC plan

If your child has SEND and they have, or are about to get, an EHC plan you can say which school you would like them to go when it's time to:

We’ll send a copy of the EHC plan to the school so the school can decide if they can meet your child’s needs.

We’ll listen to what the school has to say when we make a decision about which school is best for your child to go to.

We will agree with your preferred school, unless:

  • it would not be suitable for the child's age, ability, skills or their SEN
  • this would negatively affect the education of the other children at the school too much
  • it does not give the council value for money in spending its budget

Help with physical disabilities

Many schools in the city have ramps, lifts, accessible toilets or hearing loops that make it easier for children and young people with physical disabilities to get around.

Check with your child's school to find out about accessibility at their location.