Help with transport for children and young people with SEND

You may be able to get free transport to school, bus passes and discounts, free parking and taxi vouchers to help you get around.

Free school transport

Your child may be able to get free school transport if they live further away from school or can’t walk to school because they have special educational needs or mobility problems that mean they can't be reasonably expected to walk to school.

Public buses

You can get a disabled person’s bus pass so that you can travel for free on Brighton & Hove buses during certain times of the day:

  • for your child, if they are at least 5 years old, and have a disability that means they can’t be reasonably expected to walk to school
  • for yourself, if you are at least 18 years old, and have a medical condition that means you can't be expected to drive

If you have a Carers' Card or a Compass Card you can get a discount on Brighton & Hove bus services.

Find out about accessibility on buses in Brighton & Hove and how you can get help to get on the bus.


You can get advice about accessibility on trains and at train stations before you travel.

Find out about accessibility on Southern Trains and Thameslink Trains, which includes information about wheelchair spaces and priority seats.

Check accessibility and mobility access on Brighton train station and Hove train station, which includes information about lifts and where to get help.

Door to door bus service

If you find it hard to get on and off the bus, you may be able to get help from our door to door bus service. This service picks you up from home and drops you off where you need to go.

Free car parking

You can apply for a Blue Badge so that you can park in disabled parking spaces anywhere in the country if you:

  • have a disability that makes it hard to walk long distances
  • are the parent or carer of a child that has a disability that makes it hard to walk long distances

Check where you can park in Brighton & Hove with a Blue Badge.

Taxi vouchers

You may be able to get taxi vouchers instead of a free bus pass if you can’t use the bus because of a disability. Find taxis that are accessible for wheelchair users.

More information

Get more information about help with access, parking and transport on the Amaze website and read about your public transport options in Brighton & Hove.