Children's occupational therapy (social care)

The social care occupational therapy service aims to enhance children's abilities and independence at home.

What is occupational therapy?

The social care occupational therapy service aims to enhance children's abilities and independence at home. We also work to support parent/carers to manage their child’s daily activities. We provide information, advice. equipment and home adaptations. 

We have a separate health occupational therapy service for children based at Seaside View. Health occupational therapists work with children to improve every day life skills at home and nursery or school through play, activities and providing equipment​. Read more about the health occupational therapy service.

Who can use the children's occupational therapy (social care) services?

Children and young people with permanent and substantial physical or learning disabilities who are aged between 0 -18 and living in Brighton & Hove. Following an assessment of need and discussion with other professionals working with your child. Download our leaflet about the social care occupational therapy service (PDF 510 KB)

How can we help your child?

We can recommend/provide the following (depending on the family's needs)

  • Advice and information eg managing your child’s disability in the home. This could include advice about layout of furniture to give better access, or providing information on charities or support groups.
  • Equipment to assist daily activities eg specialist beds, toilet frames, shower/toilet seats, changing benches.
  • Moving and handling assessment and advice. This could include provision of hoists/slings and a moving and handling plan addressing the specific needs of the child.
  • Minor adaptations eg grab rails, door widening, ramps and safety measures.
  • Major adaptations eg stair lifts, through floor lifts, level access showers, altering existing rooms or providing new rooms such as a wheelchair accessible bedroom. Support to access funding via the Disabled Facilities Grant or support with re-housing if your home is not suitable.

How to refer your child

You can contact Seaside View directly (see below) or discuss any issues with a professional already working with you – they can contact us on your behalf.

Information about you

All the occupational therapists work as part of the council's Children and Families Service. The information you give is kept confidential to the service and may be shared between team members and other staff to help plan the best care for your child. All information we share is on a “need to know” basis and everyone will act professionally with the information you give us. We will use some of the information for monitoring purposes to make sure we are offering the right service to meet local needs. In special circumstances we may need to share information with other professionals, for example, to keep a child safe and protected from harm.

How to contact us

Seaside View Child Development Centre 
Brighton General Hospital 
Elm Grove 
Brighton BN2 3EW
Occupational Therapy

Accessibility at Seaside View

Read more about health occupational therapy services for children

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