This webpage is for teachers & other staff who are using the Smile PSHE project resources in their schools. 

Smile PSHE project resources 

Developed by School Travel and Public Health Schools BHCC

Please find links to resources developed for the PSHE Smile Project for reception classes.

Please feel free to adapt any of the resources as needed.

  1. The Smile Book

This is an A4 24-page book.

You can use this PDF version in different ways, if needed:

  • print the whole book or individual pages
  • use the individual pages for your own adapted lesson
  • upload it to your own school website
  • send the book as a weblink or PDF to parents & carers

Hard copies have been offered to all schools taking part in the Smile project.

  1. Smile lessons – PowerPoint presentation

Six lessons, to be used with ‘The Smile Book’.

  1. Smile lessons – PDF of PowerPoint presentation

This is a much smaller file than the PowerPoint version, which may be useful if you need to share with colleagues electronically, or print.

  1. Smile lessons – lesson plans
  2. Smile printable certificate

These printable certificates are for children who have taken part in the Smile PSHE project lessons. The document has an A4 printable certificate, and 2 x A5 on an A4 sheet.

  1. 6 Ways to Smile – parent & carer booklet

This booklet has ideas for parents and carers on how to use the ‘6 ways to smile’ with young children when out and about and at home.

You could upload this PDF onto your own school website and send the booklet as a weblink or PDF to parents & carers. Hard copies have been offered to all schools taking part in the Smile project.

Smile project lessons resources

Developed by Brighton & Hove schools

Some schools across the city have been developing and adapting the Smile PSHE resources. Below are some examples of these resources, which can also be found on the BEEM website (Brighton & Hove Education and Enterprise Marketplace), in the section Examples of wellbeing and safety information developed by BHCC schools.

These resources were developed for home-learning while schools were closed to most pupils, but can be adapted or used in school too.

  1. Resources from West Hove Infants based on the Smile resources – 5 x PowerPoint lessons:

Session 1 – Speaking

Session 2 – Moving

Session 3 – Imagination

Session 4 – Learning

Session 5 – Enjoyment

Many thanks to the team at West Hove Infants for sharing these resources.

  1. PSHE Smile Remote Learning - Resources from Patcham Infants

Smile remote learning resources.

Many thanks to the team at Patcham Infants for sharing these resources.

More Information

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