You may be entitled to a Self-Isolation Payment. Use these frequently asked questions to find out how it works.

How quickly will I get paid?

We will try and make a payment within 3 working days of receiving a complete form and all the required evidence.

How do I provide the evidence when I am isolating in my own home?

The form explains what you can do to get the right proofs to us.  Photographs taken on phones will be accepted. The government will also be providing us with access to information to check benefit  and test and trace information. We will contact you if a form is submitted without everything needed.  Please phone our community hub if you need advice.

I have been told to isolate on a date before the 28 September 2020.  Can I claim a payment?

No , we cannot accept applications from people told to self-isolate before 28 September 2020, even if the period of self-isolation continues after 28 September.

My period of isolation has finished can I still claim for it?

You must claim within 14 days of the end date of your period of isolation.

Can more than one person in the same household apply?

Yes, people in the same household can each make an individual application to receive the payment, if they each meet the eligibility criteria.

If I’m told to isolate more than once can I make another claim?

Someone can claim more than once - if they are told to self-isolate multiple times , as long as they meet the eligibility criteria for each individual claim and their periods of self-isolation do not overlap.

Can I claim if I’m furloughed?

We can’t make payments to applicants whose income is lower than normal because they are furloughed. The Test and Trace Support Payment is for people facing a reduction in income because they can’t work while self-isolating.

Can I claim if I’m in a period of quarantine?

The Test and Trace Support Payment scheme does not cover people who are self-isolating after returning to the UK from abroad, unless they have tested positive for coronavirus or have been instructed to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace.

How can I get other support from the council while I am isolating?

If you have made a claim for a Self-Isolation Payment, we will contact you to discuss any further support you need.  If you have not made a claim contact our community hub and we will be able to assist you.

I don’t think I will qualify for help because I don’t get one of the qualifying benefits but I need financial help, what do I do?

Complete the form and we will assess whether we can award a discretionary payment or contact our community hub and we will be able to assist you.

I have applied for a benefit that would mean that I qualify but don’t know whether I will get it yet?

Complete the form and we will assess whether we can award a discretionary payment or contact our community hub and we will be able to assist you.

I am appealing a decision not to award me benefit for the isolation period?

Apply on the form and we will contact you.

How does the discretionary scheme work?

We have a limited fund to help those who do not qualify for the main scheme on the grounds that they do receive a qualifying benefit. This may help make quick payments to those waiting for a benefit claim to be processed or support those who have been severely financially impacted during the period of isolation.

The application form will ask the questions that will enable us to make discretionary decisions if the main scheme doesn’t apply.

We will contact you if we need any further information.

When does this scheme end?

Currently the government has said that the scheme will run until 31 January 2021.

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