Personal Travel Budgets

Find out more about Personal Travel Budgets, what they are, and if they could work for you.

We want to provide the best and most appropriate systems of transportation for learners. Transport that will carry learners safely, comfortably and without unreasonable levels of stress.

If your child is eligible for transport to school, you may be able to receive a Personal Travel Budget (PTB). Eligibility is set out in our Home to School Transport Policy

Your child must be resident in Brighton & Hove to be eligible for travel assistance.

We grant PTBs at our discretion, where it’s cost effective and in line with the efficient use of resources.

When considering a PTB application, we will investigate the transport options currently in place. If there is an option where there is no, or minimal, additional cost to placing your child on hired transport, we will not offer a PTB.

There will be a review at least once a year to check whether a PTB remains cost effective.

What a Personal Travel Budget is

How much your Personal Travel Budget will be

How to get a Personal Travel Budget

What you can use the Personal Travel Budget for

Your key responsibilities

How the Personal Travel Budget will be paid

How to stop receiving a Personal Travel Budget

How to make sure someone has enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) clearance

Independent Travel Training

The council and our partners are committed to increasing independence among young people. We want to enable them to lead fuller lives. Being able to travel independently is an important life skill.

We offer Independent Travel Training on a case by case basis, and if appropriate, could offer this to your child

When we periodically review your PTB, we may assess your child's readiness for Independent Travel Training.

If appropriate, we will offer your child a place on an Independent Travel Training course. We will continue to pay your PTB until your child has been assessed as being able to travel safely and independently.

At this point, we will give your child a travel pass and the PTB will end.