Schools forum annual work plan

The Terms of Reference say that the forum will meet at least four times a year

Meetings are held remotely until further notice, due to Covid-19 restrictions.

October 2020

  • Election of Chair & Vice chair (every 2/4 years as per the Terms of Reference)
  • Agreeing the draft Schools Block and exceptions for the following financial year
  • Update the forum on the current year’s DSG

December 2020

•    Consider Schools Block formula
•    Update the forum on the current year’s DSG
•    Update the forum on the future year’s DSG
•    Proposals for Services to Schools
•    Review ToR for SBWG 
•    Review ToR for Schools Forum 

January 2021

The meeting will need to be before the DfE deadline for the return of the proforma on 21 January

  • Agreeing the DSG following financial year with the split of the DSG between the High Needs, Early Years, Schools block, CSSB and exceptions in order to return the DfE proforma on 21st January
  • Proposals for Early Years Block 2021/22
  • Council’s budget strategy – information to the forum from the Chief Financial Officer
  • Update the forum on the current year’s DSG

June/ July 2021

  • Schools & DSG outturn for the previous financial year including report on use of de-delegated funding from schools (exception 1) 2020/21
  • Proposals regarding High Needs funding (2021/22)
  • Update the forum on the current year’s DSG
  • Review of the formula funding factors/ratios in comparison to other LAs
  • Report on the use of the CSSB 2020/21