How to educate your child at home

What you need to do if you decide to take your child out of school and teach them at home

Your responsibilities

As a parent or carer you need to make sure your child gets a full-time education. They must be educated from the age of 5 until the end of June in the school year they become 16 years old.

Your child's education needs to be suitable for their age and ability and meet any special needs they have. You can send your child to school or teach them at home.

If your child is having problems at school, speak to their teachers before you take them out of school.

Choosing home education

If your child already goes to school, you need to:

  1. write to the headteacher to let them know you want to educate your child at home
  2. email a copy of the letter to in our Access to Education Team

The headteacher will accept your request if you’re taking your child out of school completely to educate them at home.

If you change your mind later on, a place may not be available at the school your child went to before being educated at home.

Home education standards

We'll be in touch from time to time to make sure your child is getting a home education that meets their needs.

Children with Special Educational Needs

You can choose to educate your child at home if they have Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

If your child goes to a special school you'll need permission to take them out of school.

More information

Visit The Home Education Advisory Service and Education Otherwise for more information about how to educate your child at home.

For advice and support email our Access to Education team at

If you would like support or advice for your child’s health, you can contact the Public health (School Nurse) team at City View, Brighton General Hospital.

You can phone 01273 696 011 (ext 1692) or text the Chathealth service on 07480 635 423.