Find schools near you

Where to get contact information for schools in your local area and what they offer.

Discover schools in your area

When thinking about schools for your child it’s helpful to:

  • talk to your child about schools
  • visit schools - details of any arrangements will be on the school's websites
  • read school prospectuses
  • check how many places are available at each school 
  • read school Ofsted reports
  • check school league tables and exam results
  • think about how your child will travel to and from school
  • ask the school how they support children with special educational needs or disabilities
  • check when you need to apply for a school place
  • find out how primary and secondary school places are decided and which children get priority
  • find out how school places were offered last year

Find schools on our map

You can use our schools map to:

  • search for infant, junior, primary and secondary schools near you
  • get school contact information
  • view secondary school catchment areas
  • find out about support for children with special educational needs or disabilities at each school (SEND)