How to accept a school place

You will get an email or a letter from the school admissions team to let you know which school your child has been offered a place at.

To accept the place, you need to complete the pupil registration form. You will find a link to this the email or letter we send you:

Please return the form to the school where your child was offered a place.

The school will then get in touch to let you know when your child needs to start school.

If you don't accept a school place on time, the school admissions team could give the place to another child.

How get advice

If you're not happy with the school place your child has been offered, you can email for advice and information about places available at other schools.

If the school you listed in the application form as your first preference is a community school or the Bilingual Primary School, your child will be automatically added to that school's waiting list or reallocation pool.

Find out about waiting lists for primary schools and reallocation pools for secondary schools.

How to make an appeal

You can also make an appeal if your child wasn't offered a place at a school you listed as your first, second or third preference in the application form.