What happens if you apply late for a school place

What you need to do if you miss the deadline to apply for a school place and what happens to your application.

What happens if you apply late

If you apply late for a school place we will look at your application after the other applications that were submitted on time.

It is less likely that you will be offered a place at one of the schools you listed as a preference in your application as these places may have been given to other children.

You may have to wait until after National Offer Day to get an offer of a school place.

We will treat your application as late if you forget to hand it in, or we receive it late in the post.

Late with a good reason

Your application will be treated the same way as an application that was received on time if we receive it by the late with a good reason date.

Moving home within the city or moving to Brighton & Hove is an example of being late with a good reason.

As proof, please email a copy of your signed tenancy agreement or a letter from your solicitor that confirms you've exchanged contracts for a property in the city.

If you don't send any proof to us by the late with a good reason deadline your application will be treated as late.

Deadlines and important dates

Check the late with a good reason deadlines and other important dates for infant, junior, primary and secondary schools.

More information

View our school application guides for more information.