Make changes to your application for a school place

What to do if you've made a mistake in your application or need to change your school preferences.

Make changes before the deadline

You can log back in to make changes to your school application up until the closing date.

Check school deadlines for infant, junior, primary and secondary school places.

After you’ve made the changes you will need to submit the application again. We will send you an email to confirm your changes.

Make changes after the deadline

You can't change your school preferences after the deadline. If you want to make any changes you will need to apply again online

If there is a good reason why you need to change your preferences after the deadline, for example you have just moved house, your application may be accepted as late with good reason.

If you change any of your school preferences without a good reason the new school preferences will be looked at from July onwards.

More information

If you have any problems making changes to your application, send an email to to contact our school admissions team.

View our school application guides for more information.