What happens at the school appeal hearing

You'll have the opportunity to appeal the school place offered to your child

What happens at the hearing

At the appeal hearing you’ll be able to explain in person why you are appealing a school place decision.

You will be able to ask questions and answer questions the Independent Appeal Panel may have for you.

It is useful for you to attend the appeal hearing, but if you’re not able to the panel will review the appeal form you submitted instead.

Who will be at the hearing

If you choose to go to the appeal hearing there will be:

  • you, the person appealing
  • three trained volunteers on the Independent Appeal Panel
  • clerk to the Independent Appeal Panel, who is not part of the Panel or involved with making any decisions
  • an admission authority representative who is someone from the council or the school if you’re appealing a place at a voluntary aided or a free school

When you'll hear from us

The clerk will let you know their decision as soon as possible, usually within five school days.

More information

For more information email schoolappeals@brighton-hove.gov.uk or phone 01273 291228.

Download our school application guides for more information.