Advice for parents and carers


There's a lot that parents and carers can do to support regular and punctual attendance of their children at school. The following tips will help:

  • get to know your school's policies on attendance and behaviour
  • take an interest in children’s school life and work
  • ensure children only miss school for legally allowed reasons, such as illness or days specifically set aside for religious observance
  • help children arrive at school on time each day
  • talk to the school if children are reluctant to attend
  • attend parents evenings and other school events
  • read all letters that children bring home from school (check school/book bags)

Remember one school day lost can never be retrieved.

Holidays in term time will only be authorised by a school in exceptional circumstances. 


For more information please contact the access to education service

Access to education service
Brighton & Hove City Council
Kings House
Grand Avenue

Tel: (01273) 293580