What happens if your child is excluded from school

How you'll find out if your child is taken out of school for breaking school rules and what you need to do

About school exclusions

A school exclusion is when a child is taken out of school because they misbehave or break school rules.

There are two types of exclusion from school:

  • fixed period exclusion is when your child is told not to go to school for a specific number of days
  • permanent exclusion is when your child is expelled from school and can't go back to the same school

Visit the GOV.UK website for more information about exclusions.

How you'll be told

Your child’s school will let you know as soon as possible if your child is being excluded from school. Exclusions can start the same day.

The school will also send you a letter to tell you:

  • why your child is being excluded
  • how long your child is being taken out of school, if it's fixed or permanent
  • what you can do if you disagree with the exclusion

More information

Find out how to challenge an exclusion if you think your child should not be taken out of school.

Child Law Advice charity offers advice and information on child, family and education law for parents, carers and young people.


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