Main duties

(From the guide of Children Performance Regulation 1968).

The chaperone’s main duty is to the children in their care. They act in the place of a parent and should provide the care a good parent might give to that child.

It's their responsibility to look after a child who's living away from home when touring with a theatre group, for example. This also includes throughout the whole period of the performance licence.

At the place of performance

When the child is not performing the chaperone must look after them and make sure they have food, rest and play. This includes the period between performances if there are more than one on the same day.

The chaperone must always go with the child from the dressing room to the stage or film set and back again after the performance.

The chaperone needs to be at the theatre or film set before the children who they're responsible for arrive. They shouldn't leave until all the children go home.

If the person collecting the child doesn't turn up, the chaperone should escort that child home.

The chaperone should check that the theatre or film set is a safe and appropriate place for the children who perform in it. This includes making sure that:

  • the dressing rooms are clean and large
  • boys and girls over the age of 5 years do not share the same dressing room or toilets
  • they do not share toilets with adult theatre staff
  • children aren't in any danger from theatre equipment in passageways and similar spaces


The chaperone needs to make sure that the place where the child stays is satisfactory.

They need to supervise the child more than if they were at home.

Reporting child abuse

A chaperone may suspect that a child in their care has been the victim of child abuse, including:

  • physical abuse
  • sexual abuse
  • emotional abuse
  • neglect or grooming

If so, they should report it immediately to Front Door for Families (FFDF) by phoning 01273 290 400, or 01273 335 905 outside office hours.

Phone calls made out of office hours are re-directed to the appropriate duty officer.

If the performance is taking place away from Brighton & Hove, you can call the equivalent in that local authority.

Further queries

If you have any queries about chaperone duties, email the Attendance Team.