Please keep paper and cardboard dry in your recycling 

Please help us recycle by keeping paper and cardboard dry.

When paper and cardboard gets too wet, cardboard and fibre prevents the material from being recycled. It’s a problem as water content affects the density of the material. This makes it harder to separate from other materials. 

The moisture also causes fibres in paper and cardboard to break down. This makes them fragile when they dry out. It is then harder to turn the material into new products at paper mills. If too much wet material finds its way into fibre bales, the paper mills need to reject the bale.

If you have an open recycling box, please: 

  • leave paper and cardboard in your house until the rain stops 
  • take your dry paper and cardboard to a recycling point and put it in the mixed recycling bins 
  • dispose of very wet paper and cardboard in your household refuse