Who to contact about benches

Cityclean, the team who look after recycling, rubbish and streets, look after benches on, or by, pavements.

Our parks team, Cityparks, look after benches in parks.

Tell us about a problem with a bench and we'll tell the relevant team.

Please report anti-social behaviour around benches, if you see it. 

Dedicate a bench

Celebrate a birth, anniversary, achievement or someone's life in a unique way by dedicating a bench. 

Cost to dedicate a bench

You can adopt an existing bench in the city, with a new plaque, for £135.50 including VAT.

If you want to adopt a new bench, with a plaque and one year's maintenance, it will cost £1064.40 including VAT.

Apply to dedicate a bench

Apply to dedicate a bench.

This process can take up to four months to complete.

Contact us

We do not hold a list of benches available to adopt. However, please contact us if you have found one without a plaque and we can look into its availability for you. Some locations are subject to different arrangements. These include:

  • conservation areas
  • nature reserves
  • cemeteries
  • seafront

If you would like to dedicate a bench in any of these locations, please contact the team.

Send an email to dedicateabench@brighton-hove.gov.uk, or phone 01273 292 929. 

More information

For benches in Rottingdean or Falmer, we will also consult with the parish councils.

At the moment, we can't:

  • accept bench dedication requests in Stanmer Park. This is until the Stanmer Park Restoration Project construction ends in winter 2020/21
  • accept bench dedication requests at Hollingbury Golf Course
  • give you a new bench at Preston Park or The Level, but you can adopt an existing one
  • give new or adopted benches in Hove Park, St Ann's Well Gardens, Pavilion Gardens and along the Brighton & Hove seafront

For enquiries about bench dedications in cemeteries, contact Bereavement Services.