Thank you for recycling!

Download and print our recycling leaflet. Read our accessible version.

Thank you for recycling:

  • paper and cardboard - please flatten all boxes
  • all plastic bottles
  • cans, tins, aerosols and metal jar lids
  • all glass bottles and jars - please separate glass from your other recycling

Please don't include:

  • plastic yoghurt pots
  • butter tubs
  • food trays
  • plastic bags 
  • any other materials 

Visit our A to Z of recycling.

Love our city.

Why recycle?

In response to the global climate crisis, we’re aiming for Brighton & Hove to be a carbon neutral city by 2030.

By recycling more, you’re helping to reduce waste, protect natural resources, save energy, and reduce air and water pollution. 

A major issue we face is ‘contaminated’ recycling. This happens when waste is mixed with recyclable materials. 

When recycling is contaminated, the contents of the whole bin and – in many cases – lorry load must be treated as waste and not recycled.

To avoid contaminating your recycling, please:

  • keep glass separate from your other recycling. When glass gets mixed with other materials, it has to be treated as general waste
  • reuse plastic bags and put in your general waste when they’re no longer usable. Plastic bags are not recyclable
  • put yoghurt pots, butter tubs and food trays in your general waste. We don’t recycle low grade plastics like these
  • don’t put tetrapak cartons in your recycling. You can recycle cartons at 20 recycling points and two recycling sites

Please also recycle:

  • batteries at supermarkets or our 2 recycling sites. They contain hazardous materials so please do not put in a bin.
  • used electrical items – take small items to 10 recycling points, and larger items to our recycling sites. There’s also a collection service.
  • clothes and shoes at 60 textile banks located at most of our recycling points.

Download and print our recycling leaflet. Read our accessible version. 

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