Where to take your real or artificial Christmas tree

You can recycle real or artificial Christmas trees at our recycling centres.

Real Christmas trees can also be recycled in your garden waste if you've signed up for a collection or at any of our Christmas tree recycling sites across the city, listed below.

Please only leave your trees at these sites - any trees left on pavements or by communal bins will be seen as fly-tipping.

Every real tree is turned into soil improver or compost. You can buy this soil improver from our recycling centres.

Please remove all decorations and the pot before leaving your tree.

Our Christmas tree recycling points are open from Friday 27 December until Friday 10 January.


  • Upper Bevendean Avenue - opposite shops, by the recycling point
  • Coldean Lane - opposite Park Road, near junction with A270 Lewes Road
  • Dyke Road Avenue - Hill Top cafe
  • East Brighton Park, Wilson Avenue - in entrance to car park
  • Hollingbury Park, Ditchling Road - north end, opposite golf course entrance on corner of Woodbourne 
  • Ladies Mile Road - junction with Mackie Avenue, behind clock tower
  • Mackie Avenue/Plainfields Avenue - playing field, opposite shops
  • Montpelier Crescent/Vernon Terrace - beside recycling  site
  • Preston Park, Preston Drove - north entrance, next to recycling site
  • Queens Park – south by South Avenue near the pond
  • The Level, Union Road - behind the recycling point
  • Upper Bedford Street - by Hampshire Court, corner of Upper St James Street


  • Adelaide Crescent, west side, seafront end
  • Hangleton Park - on left hand side from Lark Hill and Park Rise entrance
  • Hove Park - end of Orchard Road and Park View Road
  • St Ann's Well Gardens - beside Nizells Avenue
  • Wish Park - north east corner, by the playground


  • Portslade Easthill Park - Millcross Road entrance
  • Victoria Recreation Ground, Victoria Road - west side by car park 


  • Saltdean Lido, Saltdean Park Road - in car park,to left hand side of the recycling point


  • Woodingdean Central Park, Lockwood Crescent - in the corner, opposite recycling point
  • Happy Valley car park, Falmer Road - left hand side of entrance barrier, opposite Crescent Drive South