Who can access the sites

Residents can visit our household waste recycling sites by car. If you're in a van or commercial vehicle, you'll need photo ID and proof you live in the city.


  • you’re advised to bring your photo ID driving licence that shows your Brighton & Hove address plus a matching proof of residency that must be dated within the last three months, as we may ask to see these
  • the matching proof of residency can be a bank statement or similar, current council tax bill, tenancy/mortgage agreement or utility bill


  • van drivers must provide proof of a Brighton & Hove address with two forms of ID such as a driver’s licence, recent utility or Council Tax bill
  • if you're helping someone else by bringing waste, they must come with you and they must bring identification, including proof they live in the city, as above
  • if you've hired a van, you must show the rental agreement and the van will need to conform to size restrictions - you must also prove Brighton & Hove residency
  • if you've hired a removal firm, they must dispose of your waste using a private company - they will not be allowed to use our sites
  • commercial vehicles, with signs on the side showing the business name, are not allowed onto the sites
  • it is illegal to tip any trade/business waste at our sites
  • tradesmen, professional gardeners, landlords and other businesses should take their waste to a licensed commercial waste facility instead and pay for its disposal


  • pedestrians can access Hove HWRS during normal opening hours
  • pedestrians cannot access Brighton HWRS at any time due to the absence of a safe walking route into the site


  • bicycles and cargo bikes can enter sites at any time but must queue along with cars and vans in the main queuing lane.
  • bicycles and cargo bikes must not overtake customers in front of them due to safety issues. Site staff will then direct the customer to a safe location to unload

Banned vehicles

Vehicles that weigh 3500kg or more are not allowed to enter either of our household waste recycling sites. This is for safety reasons.

Below is an example of a vehicle identification plate. You can find this plate under the bonnet, or in the frame of the driver or passenger door.

A vehicle identification plate found on any light commercial vehicle. This plate shows a vehicle with a maximum gross vehicle weight of 3500kg so wouldn't be allowed to use the household waste recycling site.

This example shows a vehicle with a maximum gross vehicle weight of 3500kg. This vehicle would not be allowed to use the household waste recycling site.

Other vehicles that are not allowed to enter either of our household waste recycling sites are:

  • a Luton, or box style body - such as a horse box
  • flatbed, tipper, dropside or similar body style
  • certain sized trailers - see trailer section below

The above vehicles are not permitted because they are too large and pose a danger to other site users. These vehicles do not fit in the parking spaces and their size is such that the driver may have difficulty seeing pedestrians particularly when reversing or turning. The health and safety of all site users is our top priority.


Trailers up to 1.2m (4ft) can access Hove HWRS during normal opening hours.

Trailers are not permitted at Brighton HWRS at any time.

Why are there height barriers at household waste recycling sites?

  • these measures are in place as part of our efforts to (help) prevent commercial waste from businesses entering the sites
  • this is often (although not always) brought to the sites in oversized vehicles such as vans
  • the household waste recycling sites are paid for by the Council Tax payer to dispose of waste from residents’ own homes
  • businesses do not contribute to the household waste recycling sites through their business rates
  • unfortunately, some unscrupulous traders try to access the sites to tip their business waste for free at the expense of the Council Tax payer
  • the sites are also not licensed to accept commercial waste