There’s not one day goes by where I don’t think about the support that you gave me. I was so lucky to have someone like you in my life, helping me through a very difficult time. Now I have passed my second year and I’m on my final year at university. Thanks to you, I have come so close to achieving my dreams. Without your constant motivation, this would never have been possible for me.
- Card received by Tier 3 worker, from former service-user, with complex family life, undiagnosed mental health difficulties and dangerous regular use of Class A drugs
X’S Intervention with Z has been instrumental in the change that I have seen [he] appeared to be in a downward spiral of substance misuse and the most recent offences…were committed while he was under the influence of Xanax. There have been no reported incidents since and I feel this is because X has been working with an ru-ok? worker. Since this, he has achieved 2 certificates. This is significant as he has not been attending school and I was concerned at his lack of achievements. The ru-ok? worker sent him an email outlining how well he got on. I spoke to his mum earlier today and she commented on what a positive email it was and said that it’s been shown to the whole family!
- Email from YOS worker, after Tier 3 intervention as part of diversion programme for Year 11 boy
Mum says that [DASH worker] has been fantastic and has provided lots of helpful, informative information. X has been going home and educating the whole family. Mum says it has really put her off drugs (she hopes) and she is certainly a lot more aware of the risks and dangers.
- Feedback from mother to school which had referred her daughter to DASH
You gave me a post-it note when my son was born (several years ago) and I was having a hard time. The note reminded me to care for myself, as well as my son, because I’m worth it. It’s still on my fridge and I read it when I need reminding of my worth.
- Chance encounter with former heavy drug/ alcohol user and ru-ok? client. Child remained in her care.
I just wanted to say a very big thank you for talking to [my daughter, my husband] and me over the past few weeks. I haven’t really discussed it with [daughter] in any detail but I certainly found our conversations extremely helpful and they’ve given me both reassurance and some new insight into the situation. We will be in touch with you/ru-ok? again if we need to but I just wanted to say how grateful we are for your support.
- Email from mother, following short intervention, offering advice, education on daughter’s experimentation with drugs.
It has helped me so much seeing you, I’m much more emotionally stable now and not as obsessed when in relationships. Me and my friend would probably not have known how to get an implant if you had not arranged it. It has also helped a lot of my friends when they had questions and I could support them from what I had learnt. I think all my friends would have benefitted from DASH support. It felt like you never judged me when I asked things. Thank you so much.
- Feedback from a young person, age 15.