We’re a team of professional substance misuse workers, with many decades of experience between us.

Below you can read a little about us and see pictures of us when we were your age. As you can see, we had varied experiences of being young. What we share is a passion for helping young people to lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.

And here's what we look like now!

Screenshot of RU-OK? digital team meeting. From top left: Jake, Youstina, Luci, Sarah, Gemma, Sarah, Amy, Susan, Sofia, Paul, Alex, Kate

Alex - Manager

I’m proud to be the manager of a team, sitting within the city’s Adolescent Service. Passionate, committed, skilled and knowledgeable workers help young people, and those supporting and caring for them, to live healthier and safer lives. My job is to support the workers to continue to offer flexible, effective and timely interventions.



I work with young people to help them think about their drug / alcohol use and what impact this may be having on their lives. I believe that you, as the young person, are the expert in your life. So my job is not to tell you what to do, but to support you in making any changes that you feel will make your life better and more enjoyable.



I work with young people to help them achieve their goals in relation to substance use. This includes helping them to stop, cut down or work around keeping them safe. I also work alongside schools, offer information and advice to professionals and parents / carers.



I do the admin and the technical stuff. I also draw things for the team to use in their work with young people and parents. I’m often the first person in the team you’ll speak to on the phone or face to face if I’m on the front desk. I support my workmates so they can focus on doing what they do best.



I am a Drug, Alcohol and Sexual Health (DASH) worker in the team. My aim is to help young people make sense of what might be going on for them or around them in relation to drugs, alcohol or sexual health. I support young people to make positive choices around staying safe and offer advice and information to parents, carers and professionals who work with young people and their families.



I have been working with people who use drugs and alcohol, since 2001, when I worked with adults who were homeless in London. I moved to Brighton in 2006 and have been with ru-ok? ever since. I love working with young people and really enjoy learning from them. I try to make talking about their drug use as easy as possible, with no judgement, and try to help them find their own goals and their path to where they want to be. I am passionate about harm reduction, reducing the risk for those who choose to take drugs including alcohol. 



I work with young people to help them to reduce the harmful effects of drug and alcohol use. I am particularly interested in drugs and the law, drug policy and research.



I help young people to talk about how they feel about drugs and alcohol and support them to think about whether some of their behaviours may put them in unsafe situations. I also support young people to talk openly about their sexual health and ask questions about contraception, among other things. By talking about these things I help them to think of ways they can keep themselves safe.



I support young people to stay safe around drugs, alcohol and sexual health. Some people I work with are sexually active and need advice or help with contraception or STI testing. Others have tried drinking or taking drugs and are worried or curious about how it made them feel. I can meet at school or college, in the community, at home or wherever suits the young person best.



I am a Substance Misuse worker within the team and I help to support children and young people in addressing their substance misuse problems and help them to effect a behaviour change. Alongside this I also work with the parents / families of the young person using a systemic therapeutic approach. I also deliver substance misuse training to professionals.



I am a Young People and Families Practitioner for Back on Track, a citywide project working with families impacted by a parent or carer’s drinking. I support young people in those families by giving them a space to talk about what’s going on for them. I like to use different activities to help young people think about emotions, coping strategies and safer choices. I also provide some alcohol and drug education where needed.