COVID-19 Risk Assessment for Services

The COVID-19 Risk Assessment for Services have been developed to assess the Covid-19 risks within services/teams.

The risk assessment is based on government Covid-19 secure guidance and looks at risk in relation to both the workplace and workforce and can be applied to all services and teams. The assessment includes the key principles that should be applied in the workplace and to support your workforce with links to government guidance on specific types/ areas of work including outdoor working and working in people’s homes.
This risk assessment needs to be completed as part of the planning for reopening services and/or bringing more staff into the workplace where they either cannot work from home or where there is a business need to have staff in the workplace.

Building Risk Assessments

If you work in one of the following buildings - 

  • Barts House
  • Brighton Town Hall
  • Hove Town Hall
  • Moulsecoomb Hub North
  • Moulsecoomb Hub South
  • Portslade Town Hall
  • Whitehawk Hub

- you can use the relevant Building Risk Assessment below. The 'workplace' section of these forms has already been completed by Property & Design (as the Site Responsible People for these buildings) as there are many services using these buildings whose information will be the same. 

The 'Workforce' section should be completed by the relevant Head of Service. 

For other council offices, the local Site Responsible Person will have completed the ‘workplace’ section of the service risk assessment, and can share this with you. If you don’t know who your Site Responsible Person is you can contact

COVID-19 Individual Staff Risk Assessment 

Anyone identified as clinically vulnerable or extremely clinically vulnerable (shielding) should work from home if at all possible. If it is not possible to facilitate home working for these staff they will have been required not to work and be put on special leave with normal pay.

However, it may be possible for staff that are clinically vulnerable or shielding, or staff that are living with someone that is clinically vulnerable or shielding to return to work or to the workplace with additional control measures in place. 

The COVID-19 Individual Risk Assessment must be used to assess the potential risks to a vulnerable person of a return to work/the workplace. It must be offered to all staff returning to work/the workplace to identify and address their concerns about returning and to agree what additional control measures will be in place.

The current Risk Assessment replaces previous versions and:

  • includes a section for staff to discuss their personal circumstances and any concerns they have about returning to work or the workplace
  • takes into consideration individual factors including age, gender and ethnicity
  • considers workplace risks specific to the individual
  • provides a list of suggested control measures and prompts to aid discussion about measures needed to support the individual's personal circumstances.

Staff are encouraged to discuss personal information about themselves or their domestic circumstances relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic and their return to work. The pandemic and lockdown may have deeply affected some staff who may now feel anxious about travelling to work, being around others and/or being back in the workplace for example. The Risk Assessment should therefore be undertaken in a supportive and open way.

To assist these conversations a guidance document has been produced that covers:

  • Section 1: Completing the Individual Risk Assessment – the purpose of the assessment, who it covers and what information is needed for the Risk Assessment (page 3)
  • Section 2: Supporting conversations about Risk Assessment within diverse teams – a guide on how to engage in the conversation and to provide a supportive and safe ‘place’ which encourages people to be open about their concerns and to share information that may be sensitive and/or difficult for them to raise (page 9)
  • Appendix 1: Description of risk groups (page 12).

Please note that this Risk Assessment should not be used for staff who are shielding, as current government guidance is that they remain at home. If a shielded member of staff declares they wish to return to the workplace because of exceptional domestic circumstances please contact the HR Advisory team to discuss how best to support the individual. The Individual Staff Risk Assessment will be revised and adapted shortly to include shielded staff to allow Managers/ Head Teachers to plan for their safe return.

Service and Individual Risk Assessments

Individual Covid-19 Risk Assessment 37.3KB DOCUMENT Published 14/7/2020
Individual Covid-19 Risk Assessment guidance 365.8KB PDF Published 14/7/2020