Request a parking restriction

Make a request to create a new parking restriction or change an existing restriction.

How to request a parking restriction, or change an existing one

To create or change parking restrictions, we must make a traffic regulation order. This is a legal document which lets us enforce parking restrictions.

Find out more about how we make traffic regulation orders.

Contact us to create a new parking restriction or to change an existing restriction. Please tell us:

  • the exact location where you'd like the parking restriction
  • why you're requesting the new restriction or change
  • if you think there would be support from other people in the area

We're now prioritising resources on essential maintenance of traffic signs and road lines. So, we'll only consider changes to parking restrictions outside of resident parking schemes in exceptional circumstances. We can still deal with disabled bay requests.​

Please make your request in writing. We'll respond as soon as we can to let you know how long it will take to process.

You can email your request to or write to:

Parking Design and Implementation
Hove Town Hall
Norton Road