Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD)

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) are intended to provide detailed guidance on how planning policy will be implemented.

SPDs under preparation

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Eastern Seafront Masterplan SPD 

The preparation of a masterplan for the Eastern Seafront will help support high-quality, innovative regeneration of the seafront through improving access, activation of the seafront, coherent placemaking, environmental enhancement and protection of the world class heritage assets. Public consultation expected early 2022. 

Adopted SPDs

Hove Station Area SPD

Current Status

The SPD was approved for adoption by members of Tourism Equalities , Communities and Culture Committee on 16 September 2021.

The SPD requires some minor factual updates and finalisation of two diagrams.

Read the Supplementary Planning Document 18 - Hove Station Masterplan

Find out more about the Hove Station Area

Biodiversity and Nature Conservation SPD 

Current Status 

We have updated the Nature Conservation and Development SPD11. We adopted the policy in 2010, the update makes sure it reflects local and national planning policy. This includes any known forthcoming requirements of the Environment Act.

We carried out a public consultation on the draft SPD between February and March 2022. The Tourism, Equalities, Communities and Culture Committee approved the final version of the SPD on 16 June 2022.

The new Biodiversity and Nature Conservation SPD11 is now available for use. It includes a new Biodiversity Checklist. Please note that this checklist will become a validation requirement for relevant applications from November 2022. We've produced new guidance for completing the householder checklist. Full planning applications that pay the householder fee should also follow this guidance.

The following SPDs have been formally adopted following public consultation. They are material considerations that we take into account when determining a planning application.