Strategic housing land availability assessment map

The map below shows sites assessed within the 2010 Update to the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) completed by GVA Grimley March 2011. It should be noted that although the SHLAA is an important background study to inform plan-making it does not, in itself, determine whether a site should be allocated for housing development.

Please enter an address or postcode to search for sites that were assessed as part of this study.
Please note that you may have to zoom in nearer to the site to see its allocated reference number.
Sites are colour coded according to their assigned category in the SHLAA report.
Clicking on each site reveals the site’s address, category and the number of units and density assigned in the SHLAA report.

  • Category 1 Deliverable Years 0 to 5
  • Category 2 Developable Years 6 to 10
  • Category 3 Developable Years 11 to 15
  • Category 4 Post 2025
  • Category 5 Undeliverable