Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

View the latest published information on housing land supply in the city.

Housing Delivery Action Plan

The council has prepared a Housing Delivery Action Plan 2019.

This provides:

  • an overview of housing delivery in the city
  • assesses the main barriers and constraints to housing delivery
  • sets out actions which the council is undertaking to help improve delivery in the future

Previous plans


The primary role of the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) is to:

  • identify sites with potential for housing development
  • assess their housing potential
  • estimate when they are likely to be developed

Although the assessment is an important evidence source to inform plan-making, it does not, in itself, determine whether a site should be allocated for housing development.

SHLAA update 2022

View the SHLAA Update 2022 including the latest 5 year housing land supply.

​​Previous versions of the SHLAA