City Plan Part One

There are a number of studies that have been undertaken to provide background evidence for the City Plan Part One.

Brighton & Hove City Plan Part 1

The City Plan Part One (PDF 10MB) was adopted on 24 March 2016. It forms part of the development plan for the city along with the retained policies from the Adopted Local Plan 2005 (PDF 1MB) 

The City Plan Part One is accompanied by the Adopted Policies Map which shows the development area boundaries, site allocations and designations referred to in the Plan. The City Plan Part One is also supported by a number of annexes:

Annex 1

Implementation and Monitoring - sets out the key monitoring indicators and targets and identifies how the City Plan will be implemented.

Annex 2

Infrastructure Delivery Plan - details the physical, social and environmental infrastructure that will be required to implement the proposals set out in the City Plan.

Annex 3

Housing Implementation Strategy - describes the approach to managing the delivery of housing over the plan period and sets out how a five year supply of housing will be maintained to meet the planned housing target.

Annex 4

Local Plan Policies to be Replaced by the City Plan Part 1 - lists the 2005 Brighton & Hove Local Plan policies that have been replaced by the adopted City Plan Part 1 and those that are saved

Publication of Inspector’s report

The Inspector's Report on the City Plan was published on 5 February 2016. 

A Core Documents List (PDF 238KB) for the City Plan Part One is available, which lists all of the documents referred to throughout the examination period.