Neighbourhood planning

Find out about local groups drawing up plans for their areas.

Neighbourhood development plan

Neighbourhood planning gives the community power to draw up a neighbourhood development plan (often referred to as a neighbourhood plan).

A neighbourhood development plan won't necessarily make development happen - that depends on land owners and developers. However once a neighbourhood development plan passes independent examination and referendum it sits alongside other planning policy (like the Local Plan and the City Plan) to guide development and to help decide the outcome of planning applications in the area.

There is a lot of information and guidance available on the internet. It is therefore advisable to do a search and to also look the neighbourhood plans that have been made. 

Find links to other websites and legislation.

Is there neighbourhood planning for my area?

The following groups are already working on neighbourhood planning in the city, and you can get involved by contacting them.

There are currently 7 neighbourhood areas designated in Brighton & Hove:

Hove station area are the only neighbourhood group that have submitted a neighbourhood plan for independent examination so far.

Download a map showing the location of the designated neighbourhood areas. (Please note this map includes the neighbourhood areas which are designated as business areas)

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Setting up a new neighbourhood area and designated forum

We're expecting other groups in the city to apply to become neighbourhood forums and to go through the process of drawing up a neighbourhood plan.

You can find out about starting with a new group or a new area. If you would like to do this, please also contact us directly via email

Preparing a Plan

Once a neighbourhood area and, where necessary, a neighbourhood forum have been designated the community can focus on preparing a neighbourhood development plan. 

Further advice on preparing a neighbourhood development plan.


Neighbourhood groups can apply for grants and professional support from Locality. The council organise and pay for the examination and the referendum for neighbourhood plans. It also provides advice and guidance to neighbourhood groups. 

Unfortunately the council can't offer other financial support or grants for neighbourhood planning.


Other neighbourhoods

The South Downs National Park Authority is responsible for neighbourhood planning within the National Park.

Neighbourhood planning gives communities other powers including the making of neighbourhood development orders and community right to build orders.

The council also work with neighbourhoods through a programme called Neighbourhood Decision Making. This isn't the same as neighbourhood planning, but the two can be related and work together.

Neighbourhood Decision Making offers neighbourhoods greater power to make decisions about services and budgets and to help address issues that are relevant to them.

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