Hove Park Neighbourhood Plan

Details of the application for the Hove Park Neighbourhood Plan.

The Hove Park Neighbourhood Forum’s designation expired on 9 July 2020 (5 years since it’s designation).

The status of the Hove Park Neighbourhood Area is not affected. The boundary of the Neighbourhood Area remains identical to the original boundary that was designated on 18 September 2014.

Hove Park Neighbourhood Area and Forum

Hove Park neighbourhood forum submitted applications for the designation of a neighbourhood area and to have their forum formally designated in March 2014. These were open to public consultation between 22 April and 17 June 2014.  Both applications were considered at Economic Development & Culture Committee on 18 September 2014. The area sought was refused, however, a smaller area was designated as the Hove Park Neighbourhood Area.  To view the neighbourhood area decision and designation document please click on the following respectively:

The Hove Park Neighbourhood Forum designation was therefore subject to the submission of amendments to accord with the smaller area.  Following the submission of the necessary details the Hove Park Neighbourhood Forum was designated on 9 July 2015.  In accordance with the Regulations, the following information is provided along with a link to the decision notice:

Name of neighbourhood forum Hove Park Neighbourhood Forum
Written Constitution (as amended to accord with designated area) Hove Park Neighbourhood Forum Written Constitution (433KB, PDF)
Name of neighbourhood area Hove Park Neighbourhood Area
Contact details for Hove Park Neighbourhood Forum (please note if you live or work in the area you can become a forum member)

Councillor Jayne Bennett and Councillor Vanessa Brown

Email: jayneandvanessa@hotmail.co.uk

Tel: 01273 557283 and 555551

Forum Designation Decision Notice Hove Park Neighbourhood Forum Designation Decision Notice (63KB, PDF)

Hove Park Area and Forum Application Documents

These documents were submitted with the area application:

These documents were submitted with the forum application:

A forum membership distribution map (PDF 2.7MB) was also been produced.

Once a forum is approved, no other organisation can be designated to draw up a neighbourhood plan for this area (unless the designation expires or is withdrawn).