Who is consulted on a planning application?

How consultations work

Consultation is an invitation to anyone who may be interested in the application to comment on it. Clear laws guide us about identifying who to consult on your application and we must allow at least 21 days for responses.

How we consult

Depending on the type of application, we may consult using:

  • individual letters to neighbours and others nearby
  • a site notice
  • a press advert
  • a weekly list, published on our website

We may also write to other council departments, or seek the views of our Conservation Advisory Group, amenity groups, or bodies such as the Environment Agency or English Heritage for their views on your proposal.

Currently, comments on applications are not published online in the Planning Register, but they are all publicly available on the case file. Due to the volume of communications we are unable to respond to comments, but you are welcome to contact the case officer.

Our Statement of Community Involvement gives more information about our consultation standards.

Find out how to comment on a planning application.