Technical Details and product Survey Sheet - windows and doors

The information about windows and doors you need to supply for planning applications.

Your installer/builder will be able to provide you with these. Use them for the following:

  • Identify or label all the windows and doors to be replaced on the elevational photographs or drawings
  • Mark each of the windows/doors in the photographs with a number and put that number against the corresponding window on the product sheet (this is normally supplied by the Window Company)
  • The product survey sheet must provide details of the design and method of openings of all windows/doors
  • Technical details showing the style and sections of the replacement windows/doors

Please also supply photographs of all elevations that form a part of the application.

For general alterations, or specialist work such as renewables or light pipes, supply whatever technical information will help the Council and others to understand what is proposed.

Example: technical details

Example: photos and Product survey sheet