Planning statements

Listed buildings/conservation areas 

A planning statement is optional. It is your opportunity to add to the design and access statement, saying how your application fits with the council's agreed planning policies and why your application should be approved.

Advertisement hoardings and shrouds

Your planning statement should follow the guidance in SPD07 - Advertisements [PDF 791kb].

Telecoms applications

Your statement should include:

  • area of search
  • technical information including the frequency, modulation characteristics, power output and the height of the proposed antenna
  • technical justification - details about the purpose of the site and why the particular development is required
  • details of alternative sites rejected with a justification for rejecting them - this should include existing masts, structures and other buildings within the search area
  • an explanation if no alternatives considered
  • visual impact assessment where relevant
  • acoustic report where relevant
  • any other relevant information