Block plans

What you should use a block plan for, and what you should include in it.

What a block plan is

These are useful in illustrating what the development proposes. You may want to show the site boundaries, the type and height of boundary treatments (walls, fences), where changes are proposed, and the position of buildings outside the boundaries if these buildings influence or could be affected by the development.

Block plans are needed for:

  • development that exceeds the existing footprint
  • new build
  • access for crossovers
  • multiple advertisement signs for larger sites

The block plan must show:

  • scale 1:500
  • scale bar indicating a minimum of 1 to 10m at a scale of 1:500
  • north point
  • paper size
  • show proposed extensions and new build hatched
  • show all adjoining properties
  • show buildings to be demolished

Give your plan a logical name or title.

Example block plans

You can view examples of the different types of block plans and supporting documents before making your application.