Patcham Court Farm

The 3.6-acre Patcham Court Farm site sits north of Patcham Village Conservation Area and Grade II listed Patcham Court Farmhouse.

It forms part of a wider agricultural holding, and was seperated from the main farm in 1989/1990 because of the construction of the A27.

The site has many large buildings in disrepair, and trees and overgrown vegetation around the outside. It has remained undeveloped for over 30 years and is used as open storage.

Development of the site

We’ve been working towards redeveloping the farm for many years, and have identified it as an employment site.

Since the early 1990s there have been 8 attempts to redevelop the farm. Several developers have also contacted us, even though the site has not being advertised as suitable for development.

In July 2022 Royal Mail submitted a planning application for Patcham Court Farm, following pre-application discussions with council officers.

Developing the site would be dependent on Royal Mail purchasing a long leasehold interest for the site from the council.

An artist's impression of the new Royal Mail depot with greenery