Types of development allocated to the site

The site is allocated in Policy CP3 of the City Plan Part 1 for 6,500 sqm of employment use floorspace within Use Classes B1(a)(office) and B1(b) (research and development) (both now within Use Class E).

As the proposed use for storage/distribution is not in accordance with the allocated use, the planning application will be carefully assessed against this policy and other policies in the City Plan Part 1 and 2.

Potential improvements to the local area 

The scheme will be liable for site-specific developer (Section 106) contributions to mitigate detrimental impacts of the scheme that are off-site and/or cannot be secured by condition.

These could include such things as:

  • improvements to the highway network and infrastructure
  • a Travel Plan
  • a requirement to use local labour
  • utility infrastructure (including water provision, wastewater treatment and drainage)
  • biodiversity net gains

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

The developer will also need to pay a CIL amount which goes towards funding infrastructure in the local area.