Previous developer consultations 

It's not a statutory requirement for the developer (the applicant) to consult the local community before submitting a planning application. However, this is something that we strongly encourage, particularly for major applications. 

Prior to the submission of the planning application the developer has: 

  • contacted local residents, councillors and stakeholders
  • set up a dedicated e-mail address, telephone number and website with information about the development
  • sent out a letter to 2,568 addresses providing information on the proposals
  • published advertisements in the local press and social media
  • hosted 2 live webinars

How the application has been publicised 

When the planning application was received we: 

  • put up site notices in the immediate vicinity of the site
  • advertised the application in The Argus
  • included the application in the weekly list of planning applications we publish on our website

The applicant was also updated the Royal Mail Patcham Court Farm web page with links to the application.