New England House - The Fusebox

How we worked with partner organisations to redevelop New England House as a workspace for Digital Media.

The Recreate Project

The Recreate Project opened in April 2013 which included a 3,500 square feet refit transforming the building into a creative hub "the Fusebox." This is a cross-border partnership of cities and urban areas from northern France and east coast of England which aims to create a community of creative entrepreneurs. For Brighton & Hove, with its burgeoning creative industries, a single-hub building to provide flexible and affordable start up and move-on space for the creative and digital sector is very beneficial.

Local area regeneration

New England House occupies a pivotal position in terms of the wider regeneration of the surrounding area and is closely related to a number of key sites, such as Block J of the New England Quarter, which will need to be brought forward in a coherent way.

You can read the executive summary and full report for more information.

Visit the Fusebox on twitter @FuseBoxBtn to find out more about the project.

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