The King Alfred Leisure Centre plays an essential role in providing sport and leisure opportunities in Brighton & Hove. It is our largest sport and leisure facility in the west of the city. 

The Centre is popular but it is starting to show its age. Some parts of the facility are now over 80 years old. Increasing maintenance and running costs make it costly and inefficient to operate.

We are looking to bring forward plans for a new facility. We want to provide a more modern, energy-efficient building. One that will offer a greatly improved environment for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Early stages

The project is currently at a very early stage. We haven't yet taken many of the key decisions about the new centre, including its location. The new centre could be on the current site or on a new site. We are committing to the location being in the west of the city. We want to serve the same community that uses the current King Alfred Centre, as well as new users. 

Timescales are not yet finalised. As this is a large-scale project it is unlikely that work on the new facility will begin before late 2024 or early 2025.