Regulation 7 Direction - controlling the display of estate agents' boards

What a Regulation 7 Direction is, which areas are covered by them and how you report an unauthorised Estate Agents' board

What is a Regulation 7 Direction?

A Regulation 7 Direction is in place to restrict residential for sale and to let boards within most of the central conservation areas of Brighton & Hove. These restrictions replace previous controls which were restricted to a small number of the city’s historic squares. The restrictions were confirmed by the Secretary of State, who agreed with the council and local residents that these areas contain good historic architecture, including some of the highest quality, and that such boards cause significant problems to the historic character of these areas.  

The direction is made under the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) (England) Regulations 2007. The effect of the direction is that no residential sale or letting boards may be displayed on the street frontages of the above properties without express consent. The Direction came into force on 20 September 2010.

Which areas are covered by the Regulation 7 Direction?

The controls (Regulation 7 Direction) apply to all residential properties in the following conservation areas:

The Cliftonville Conservation Area, Denmark Villas Conservation Area, Willett Estate Conservation Area, The Drive Conservation Area, The Avenues Conservation Area, Brunswick Town Conservation Area, Montpelier and Clifton Hill Conservation Area, West Hill Conservation Area, North Laine Conservation Area, East Cliff Conservation Area, College Conservation Area and Kemp Town Conservation Area. 

In the Regency Square Conservation Area, only Regency Square, Bedford Square and Norfolk Square are included, and in the Valley Gardens Conservation Area, the direction only applies to the area from St Peter’s Place northwards.

Control of estate agents’ boards outside of the areas covered by the Regulation 7 Direction

Consent is not required for boards outside of the areas covered by the Regulation 7 Direction if certain criteria are met. In circumstances where there is more than one board per property, or if the board is in place more than 14 days after the completion of the sale or grant of tenancy then consent is required. Boards not meeting the criteria are unauthorised and the persons displaying the boards can be asked to remove the boards if it is considered harmful to the area.

How do I report an unauthorised Estate Agents' Board?

To report an unauthorised board, submit a complaint to the Planning Enforcement team using the online form. Choose “unauthorised estate agent boards” when identifying the type of breach of planning control.