Registered Parks and Gardens

Find out about registered parks in the city

What is a Registered Park and Garden?

Designed landscapes that are considered to be of national importance are included on The Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in England. The register is maintained by Historic England on behalf of the Government. They are graded according to their quality and importance as Grade I, II* and II in descending order.

What Parks and Gardens are included on the Register?

A list of registered parks and gardens in Brighton & Hove is given below.  Click on the links to see a copy of the Designation Document on Historic England's website:

Stanmer Park is located within the South Downs National Park. The Local Planning Authority for this area is the National Park Authority.

Can changes be made to a Registered Park and Garden?

Registered Parks and Gardens do not enjoy any additional legal protection but are designated heritage assets as set out in the Government's National Planning Policy Framework (2012).  As such, when planning permission is required, the significance of a registered park or garden or its setting will be taken into account.

The adopted Brighton & Hove Local Plan contains a policy HE11 that states:

Planning permission will not be granted for proposals that would harm the historic structure, character, principle components or setting of an area included in the Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in England.

Where feasible, the council will seek the removal of structures and uses that detract from the special historic interest of these historic parks and prepare plans to restore them. New landscaping, planting and other works within these parks should respect their historic landscape design and seek to preserve and enhance their character.

Where can I find out more?

Historic England provide further information on Registered Parks and Gardens.

Check the council’s City Parks webpages to find out about the facilities of the Parks they maintain.

A brief history of Woodvale Cemetery is also available.