Planning permission for demolition in a conservation area checklist

How to apply for planning permission for a site in a conservation area.

To check if your proposal falls within a Conservation Area, check the Conservation web pages, the street directory or the 'City Maps' link.

  • You do not need to apply for planning permission for demolition in a conservation area if the building does not exceed 115 cubic metres,
  • Or to take down any wallgate or fence which is less than 1 metre high where abutting a highway,
  • Or less than 2 metres high elsewhere.

This type of application can be made as part of a joint application with Full Planning Permission or Householder Planning Permission.

1 copy of all drawings and supporting documents is required for applications not submitted electronically. 

(click for details) Demolition only
Application Form Yes
Site Location Plan Yes
Block Plan Yes
Existing Floor Plans Yes
Existing Elevations Yes
Structural Survey (May be required)
Heritage Statement Yes
Photographs and photo montages (At applicants discretion)