Heritage Statements: What is known about the affected heritage assets?

What is known about the affected heritage assets?

Research and on site analysis is needed in order to understand the historic development of affected heritage assets and their artistic, architectural, historic and archaeological interest.  This provides the foundation to understand what is important about the asset (its ‘significance’). 

Research can be undertaken by the applicant and/or agent, or it may be more appropriate to employ a heritage specialist.  A heritage specialist should be employed where the heritage assets are particularly important, the site is complex, or the proposals are extensive.  A list of heritage specialists is available via the IHBC for built heritage or CIfA for archaeology. 

On site analysis will also contribute to understanding the heritage asset and its significance.  For example, inspection of the fabric and features in a listed building may offer clues to its original layout and where it has changed over time.  Comparison with neighbouring properties may reveal even more about the original layout.

The Heritage Statement should provide a summary of the history of the site/building.  Copies or details of the relevant research undertaken should also be included.

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