Heritage Statements: HER Consultation Report

Historic Environment Record (HER) Consultation Report

The Historic Environment Record (HER) provides a record of the city’s known archaeological and historic sites, and is the baseline data set referenced by the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).  The HER Officer at East Sussex County Council provides a service to identify all heritage assets on a particular site, which are drawn together in a document called a HER Consultation Report.  Where relevant, this service will also include useful information on the history of the site, such as what is shown on historic maps of the area.  This may show where there are gaps in current knowledge of the site or potential for non-designated heritage assets and/or archaeological remains to exist.

The HER should be consulted for most development proposals affecting below ground remains, but can also be useful where the history of a building or site has many different phases or is relatively unknown.  If the scale of development is particularly large however, more detailed research into the archaeological potential of the site will likely be necessary.  This will likely take the form of a Desk Based Assessment or a Field Evaluation.

You can apply and pay for a consultation report online.  

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