Heritage Statement Form and Appendix 1

Heritage Statement Form

The Heritage Statement pro-forma including Appendix 1 or equivalent should be submitted for most applications affecting a heritage asset (see the Heritage Statement Information Requirement Table).

The pro-forma has been produced to help structure the Heritage Statement.  

Download the Heritage Statement Pro-forma (Word 73KB) 

Appendix 1

Appendix 1 of the Heritage Statement pro-forma should be filled in to indicate whether or not the Historic Environment Record (HER) has been consulted.  Consultation of the HER is necessary in cases where:

  • The site is within an Archaeological Notification Area and the proposal involves any level of below ground excavation (e.g. for foundations)
  • The site is particularly complicated, e.g. where there are a number of phases of historic development or where there are many different buildings or features on a site
  • Where you are unsure what heritage assets are affected

In these cases a HER Consultation Report should be included in Appendix 1.  If you are unsure whether a HER Consultation Report should be submitted, contact the HER Officer.

Additional Information

In straight-forward cases, the Heritage Statement should provide enough information to understand the significance of the heritage assets and the impact the scheme will have on them.  However, where an asset is particularly significant, complex, or the development impact is large, further information may be necessary in order to determine the acceptability of the proposals.  The extra information will consist of one or more of the following: a Built Heritage Assessment, a Desk Based Assessment and/or a Field Evaluation.  This information will supplement and inform the answers included within the Heritage Statement. 

Further advice is available in Historic England’s Heritage Protection Guide and Good Practice Advice in Planning Note 2.

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