Conservation Areas street directory - G


  • Gardner Street (North Laine CA)    
  • George Street, Brighton (East Cliff CA)    
  • Gloucester Passage (North Laine CA)    
  • Gloucester Place (Valley Gardens CA)    
  • Gloucester Road (North Laine CA)    
  • Gloucester Street (North Laine CA)    
  • Golden Lane (Brunswick Town CA) : Part (see CA map).    
  • Golden Lane (Regency CA) : Part (see CA map).  
  • Goldsmid Mews (Brunswick Town CA) - off Farm Road   
  • Goldstone Villas (Cliftonville CA) : Holy Trinity Church.    
  • Goldstone Villas (Hove Station CA) : Westside : from no. 14-100 (Public House).  Eastside : from no. 7 to Cliftonville Court (see CA map).    
  • Grafton Street (East Cliff CA)    
  • Grand Avenue (The Avenues CA)    
  • Grand Junction Road (Old Town CA) : Princes Hotel 10-12    
  • Grand Junction Road (Valley Gardens CA) : No 14.    
  • Grand Parade (Valley Gardens CA)    
  • Grantham Road (Preston Park CA)    
  • Great College Street (East Cliff CA)    
  • Greenways (Ovingdean CA) : Aldingbourne Farmhouse, Field End, The Lodge, Bulstrode Farmhouse, St Wulfran's Church, Rectory, Rectory Cottage, Rectory Lodge, Tythe Barn, Grange Farm Cottages 9-13 consec, Ovingdean Grange, Ovingdean Hall, The Granary.
  • Greenways Corner (Ovingdean CA)   
  • Guildford Road (West Hill CA)    
  • Guildford Street (West Hill CA)    
  • Gwydyr Mansions (Brunswick Town CA)





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